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Freedom 18 | Saturday November 11, 2023

Its that time again! Freedom Fighter Promotions is back yet again with another stacked card. This weekend we’ll see some of the greatest up and coming athletes this sport has to offer.

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What’s in store for Freedom 18?

Freedom Fighter Promotions is known for bringing some of the best Muay Thai fighting action with its stacked cards and truly the best action you’ll see.

Freedom 18 is no exception. We have a card stacked with 19 fights including a handful of National Title fights and even a World Title!

Kicking things off we’ll witness a debut between Ocaris Duran, representing Sitan Gym and Bruce Owen, representing Philadelphia Striking Academy.

Both fighters will be debuting in a 149.9 lb matchup. Debut fights are always some interesting matchups to watch as you know you could just be watching some future title holders.

Moving on Zachary Tirado will try and add a win to his current 2 losses against Jose Sanchez, with his 1 Win, in a 130 lb matchup. These fighters represent Legion Muay Thai & Kao Muay Thai Respectivly.

Richard Lopez of Matador Muay Thai will try to add another win to his 2-3 record against Jeff Kim’s 1-1 of Cornerstone Thai Boxing in a 127.8 lb matchup.

Chinigiz Kobildjonov 5-1, of Team Zarif will battle against Isaiah Bahsous 4-4, of The Club MAFA in a 55.12 lb matchup.

Lani Lim 0-3, of MK Muay Thai will try to add a win against Niteka Raina 3-1, of Cornerstone Thai Boxing.

Krishnan Jones 1-0, of Zombie Muay Thai Vs Jason Borja, 2-2, of Matador Muay Thai.

Robert Scopelliti 3-0, of Legion Muay Thai will try and retain his winning streak against Dan Kwon, 7-3, of Philadelhpia Striking Academy.

Jonah Martindale, 4-0, of Sitan Gym, will attempt to keep his winning streak as well, against Matthew Shivecheran, 7-3, of Raktan Muay Thai.

Llya Stotland 3-1, of MK Muay Thai, will battle Ruckua Muay Thai’s Bryan Paul, with an unstoppable 5-0 streak.

Josefina Karmirchuk, 3-2 of Sitan Gym will battle Meizi Li 3-2, of Final Round.

Two Muay Thai Fighters stand side by side. scheduled to bout at Freedom 18 on November 11th, 2023 in New York, NY. Live Stream

Another winning streak will make for an interesting matchup as Serge Ushkevich 4-0, of Zombie Muay Thai, battles Jeff Wilton 7-3, Of Forza Muay Thai in a 130lb matchup.

Jason Melendez 5-1, of Kings Combat Williamsburg, looks to keep his recording going strong against Edens Charles 6-1, of Animals MMA.

Teddy Drelles, 5-5, of Sitan Gym, will battle Shannon Murphey, 3-6, of Kao Muay Thai in a 119lb matchup.

Cassidy Ribeiro, 7-1-1, of Hard Knocks Muay Thai will battle Dina Zahreddine, 6-3, of The Club MAFA.

Steven LoBiondo, 11-6, of North Jersey Muay Thai, will take on Dorendra Persaud, 7-3, of Juniper Muay Thai Gym.

Freedom 18 Title Fighters

Two Muay Thai Fighters stand side by side. scheduled to bout at Freedom 18 on November 11th, 2023 in New York, NY. Live Stream

59kg Super Feathweight Freedom USA Title

Orlando Ortego 7-3, of One Shot MMA will battle Sampson Tabbytite, 7-3, of Forza Muay Thai, in the 59kg Super Featherweight Freedom USA Title Event.

86kg Cruiserweight Freedom USA Title

Cody Quarles, 7-3, of Maximus Muay Thai will battle Audley Gions, with an impressive 13-4 record, representing Pin Point Muay Thai, in the 86kg Cruiserweight Freedom USA Title.

81kg Light Heavyweight Freedom USA Title

Thomas Sawicki, holding an impressive record of 6 wins, 0 losses, represeting Kings Combat NJ, will take on Adel Lolic, 8-4-1, of Underground MMA in the 81kg Light Heavyweight Freedom USA Title.

Freedom 18 World Title Fights

Two Muay Thai Fighters stand side by side. scheduled to bout at Freedom 18 on November 11th, 2023 in New York, NY. Live Stream

63.5kg Super Lightweight Freedom World Title

Ahmad Alatmah with a stunning record of 20 wins and only 2 losses, representing Rami Elite, will take on Oshay Robertson 14-5, representing, Ruckus Muay Thai in the 63.5 kg Super Lightweight Freedom World Title. This match is sure to be one you won’t want to miss.

Boxing News

Strict Biz Promotions Premier Boxing Event Wrap-up

Adonis Wilkins adds a TKO to his belt during his Professional Boxing Debut

Boxer Adonis Wilkins throws a right handed punch at Elias Ajuwa in the corner of the ring.
Photo Credit: David Algranati | The Fight Photos

Strict Biz Promotions put on an amazing pro/am card last night, featuring 15 amateur bouts, 1 heavyweight exhibition, and 3 hard-fought pro fights. The main event showcased a thrilling matchup between Adonis “The Promise” Wilkins and Elias Ajuwa. Ajuwa came out strong in the first round, looking for a quick stoppage, but Wilkins weathered the storm and responded with vicious combinations that earned Ajuwa’s respect. In the second round, Wilkins established his jab and found success with his right hand, rocking Ajuwa multiple times. Despite Ajuwa’s resilience, Wilkins continued to dominate the exchanges. In the third round, Wilkins slowed down a bit, but still landed some powerful combinations. Ajuwa had his best round but fell short in the exchanges. In the fourth round, Wilkins came out fresh and patient, outpointing Ajuwa. In the final 20 seconds, Wilkins landed a hard right hand, followed by a barrage of punches that forced Ajuwa to the canvas. Ajuwa stood up but was visibly shaken, leading to referee Shawn Clark stopping the bout. Wilkins emerged victorious with a TKO victory at 2:40 of the 4th round. This win marked Wilkins’ professional debut, while Ajuwa’s record fell to 0-1.

Zak “Noble” Kelly takes it to Milton Volter

Boxers fight in the ring. Zak Kelly stands as Milton Volter leans in while placing a jab in the stomach of kelly
Photo Credit: David Algranati | The Fight Photos

The co-main event featured Zak “Noble” Kelly facing off against Milton Volter. Volter came out aggressively in the first round, bullying Kelly around the ring. However, Kelly’s solid defense prevented any significant damage, and he started finding his rhythm towards the end of round one. In rounds two and three, Kelly systematically broke down Volter with vicious body shots. Volter showed resilience but did not answer the bell for the fourth round, resulting in a TKO victory for Kelly. With this win, Kelly kicked off his professional career with a record of 1-0, while Volter’s record fell to 0-4.

Mike “Snake” Scott Vs Jamar Leach

Boxer throws a punch at another boxer in the ring.
Photo Credit: David Algranati | The Fight Photos

The first pro fight of the night featured Mike “Snake” Scott against Jamar Leach. Scott started strong, establishing a sharp jab, while Leach seemed to stalk and start slowly. Although Leach appeared stronger, Scott was more active and focused on outpointing his opponent. Round two was closely contested, with both fighters showing respect for each other’s skills. Rounds three and four were equally close, leaving the crowd on edge. In the end, Jamar Leach won a split decision over Mike Scott, improving his record to 1-1, while Scott’s record fell to 0-1.

The three-round exhibition

Referee holds the hands of both boxers while awaiting the judge's decision.

In a three-round exhibition, “The Steel” Will Bates faced David Murray, who stepped in after Bates’ original opponent suffered a work injury. Murray, a light heavyweight with a record of 10-4-1, focused on establishing his jab and not giving Bates any room to maneuver. Despite Murray’s dominance, Bates pushed himself and even landed some significant shots, momentarily catching Murray off balance. Both fighters displayed great sportsmanship and entertained the fans with an exciting show.

Pleanty of Amateur Boxing Action

Boxer throws a quick left handed jab to the face of another boxer in blue.
Photo Credit: David Algranati | The Fight Photos

The amateur card featured talented fighters from Maryland, DC, Virginia, New Jersey, Philadelphia, New York, and Delaware. Many up-and-coming fighters showcased their skills, with the Delaware gyms particularly shining. MVJ Athletics training center, which follows the motto “Champions train Champions,” William Hicks Anderson Community center, and Jacks Gym all produced promising young boxers. It was a night filled with impressive performances and a testament to the thriving boxing scene in the region.

KickBoxing Muay Thai News

Unleashing Fury: Gut Check Promotions Presents an Epic Night of Kickboxing and Muay Thai on September 30th, 2023

🥊🔥 Gut Check Promotions is gearing up for an exhilarating night of fights on Saturday, September 30th. A lineup packed with talented fighters is set to deliver a thrilling experience for all the fight enthusiasts out there. Let’s take a closer look at the matchups that will have us on the edge of our seats!

First up, the weigh-ins went smoothly for most fighters, but there was a slight hiccup for Kelsey Feret. Due to a miscommunication from her coach, she missed weight. However, showing true dedication and determination, Feret suited up and managed to cut the last few pounds for her fight against Noelle Pagsanjan. This unexpected twist adds an extra element of anticipation to their clash in the ring.

In the co-main event, we have a 165 amateur Muay Thai battle between Daniel Wein and Gage Gallo. These two fighters have a history, having faced off in the Muay Thai Development league back in July 2023. Both athletes anticipate a highly technical performance, but Wein confidently predicts a stoppage victory by the third round. With such a rivalry brewing, spectators can expect a fierce and calculated display of skills from these warriors.

And now, the moment everyone has been waiting for – the main event! A 165lbs professional kickboxing title bout between Zak Kelly and Brandon “The Mechanic” Cuttino. Kelly, while not making any specific predictions, promises an abundance of action and pain for his opponent. Cuttino, a seasoned Glory Kickboxing veteran, foresees a bout filled with bombs and drama. This clash of styles and personalities guarantees a high-intensity battle that fans won’t want to miss.

Make sure to mark your calendars and join Gut Check Promotions on Saturday, September 30th for an unforgettable night of fights. Witness the determination, skill, and heart of these incredible athletes as they step into the ring to prove themselves. The excitement is palpable, and we can’t wait to see who will emerge victorious in these epic matchups!

Bobby Fish (0-0)VS Joel Ramos (0-0) 160lbs Glory Kickboxing Rules
Nicholas Gattinella (0-0) VS Isaac Ruiz (0-0) 140lbs Glory Kickboxing Rules
Abdulloh Norkulov (0-0) VS Nikola Malinov (0-0) 145lbs Glory Kickboxing Rules
Brady Seaman (3-2) VS Gene Kim (1-3) 155lbs Muay Thai Rules
Huthayfah Karoush (4-1) VS Brandon Bohannan (4-1-1) 125lbs Glory Kickboxing Rules
Patrick Brennan (1-1) VS Carter Von Stuck (0-1) 160lbs Muay Thai Rules
Amir Ihomev (1-0) VS Mohammed Tuwan (2-0) 140lbs Muay Thai Rules
Noelle Pagsanjan (0-0) VS Kelsey Feret (0-1) 125lbs Muay Thai Rules
Jared Dobkins (1-1) VS Cole Carey (2-1) 125lbs Muay Thai Rules
Joe Bergen (0-0) VS Bryan Langley (0-1) 185lbs Muay Thai Rules
Faruk Salkic (1-0) VS David Gualtieri (0-0) Heavyweight Muay Thai Rules
Kostas Anagnostopoulos (0-1) VS Chris Johnston (0-0) 135lbs Muay Thai Rules
Brie Goodreau (0-0) VS Rebecca Strycharski (0-0) 155lbs Muay Thai Rules
Gage Gallo (1-1) VS Daniel Wein (1-0) 165lbs Muay Thai Rules
Zak Kelly (1-0) VS Brandon Cuttino (6-2) 165lbs Glory Kickboxing Rules

Get your tickets for Gut Check Championship Series | September 30th, 2023

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Boxing News

Strict Biz Promotions Unveils November 4th Debut Event with Adonis Wilkins

Some major boxing news arrives as an exciting new boxing promotion is poised to launch exclusively on Fight Club Live TV. Strict Biz Promotions has just unveiled its boxing schedule, and this inaugural card promises to showcase exceptional talent and may mark the professional debut of a future top-ranked boxing athlete.

Strict Biz Promotions, co-founded by Greg Pritchett and Rashad Brown, both widely recognized and esteemed figures in the local boxing community, is scheduled to debut on November 4th, 2023, with their inaugural professional event. Both Pritchett and Brown have devoted decades to the community, independently cultivating fighters both physically and mentally. As community leaders and advocates for fighters, they have united to establish a promotion “by fighters, for fighters.” The primary objective is to enhance the local sports scene and create fresh opportunities for aspiring professional boxers.

As they elaborate further, it becomes evident that opportunities for professional boxing in the region were limited. Thus, the desire to empower these athletes and provide them with a platform led to the birth of Strict Biz Promotions. Pritchett affirms that you can anticipate more frequent, high-quality fights, offering local boxers a chance to compete. With an unwavering focus on the fighters, Strict Biz will make its debut on November 4th, 2023.

Strict Biz’s boxing schedule is no slouch either. They intend to introduce two new professional fighters, poised and prepared for their own professional debuts, underscoring the necessity for such a promotion. The announcement of the first professional boxer’s debut was made just today.

Adonis Wilkins is poised to commence his professional career during the inauguration of Strict Biz Promotions, a historic moment in its own right. Wilkins discovered his passion for boxing within the walls of MVJ Athletics Training Center at the tender age of 11. Many of his trainers promptly recognized his exceptional talent, ultimately bestowing upon him the moniker “The New Iron Mike.” Showcasing an explosive inside fighting style, Wilkins exhibited his skills with breathtaking speed and power.

However, numerous challenges obstructed his path to becoming a professional boxer. Nevertheless, Wilkins is now eternally bound by a promise he made to his mother before her passing. In her final moments, she instilled in him the belief that he possessed the potential to become a professional boxer. Wilkins carries her memory and promise as his driving force. Debuting on November 4th, Wilkins will fulfill his promise, demonstrating discipline, determination, and sacrifice, above all, keeping his word.

Considering the formidable reputation of the soon-to-be pro Wilkins, along with his resolute determination and inspiring narrative, it is evident that this fighter has a bright future. This assessment does not discount the determination and character of the founders of Strict Biz. Their stories, trials, and tribulations reveal that Strict Biz Promotions and its fighters will be a dominant force in the industry starting from November 4th onwards. One thing is certain – we can’t wait to see what the rest of this event has in store for us.

Call to Action:

Strict Biz Promotions is launching its new website this week! Be sure to check it out and purchase tickets if you are in the Delaware Area. Don’t forget to join their mailing list for exciting updates and news.

Stream the Strict Biz Promotions Boxing Stream Live or On-Demand right here on Fight Club Live TV. Purchasing a digital ticket grants you access to watch either live or on-demand, and you’ll be contributing to the support of these esteemed leaders in the world of boxing.

News KickBoxing

The Epic Showdown: Zak Kelly vs. Brandon “The Mechanic” Cuttino

The Epic Showdown: Zak Kelly vs. Brandon “The Mechanic” Cuttino – A Kickboxing Battle for the Ages!

Get ready for an electrifying clash between two kickboxing titans! Zak Kelly and Brandon “The Mechanic” Cuttino, veterans of the sport, are finally going head-to-head in a professional title bout. This highly anticipated event promises non-stop action and adrenaline-pumping excitement, showcasing the artistry of strikes and intense rivalries within kickboxing.

Kickboxing, a combat sport that focuses solely on striking techniques, offers unparalleled excitement. With a wide arsenal of punches, kicks, knees, and elbows, fighters display their creativity and strategic prowess. Each move has the potential to change the course of the fight, leaving spectators on the edge of their seats.

The long-awaited encounter between Zak Kelly and Brandon “The Mechanic” Cuttino is more than just a fight; it’s a clash of styles and personalities. Their distinct techniques and unique personalities will add an extra layer of excitement and drama to this momentous event.

This kickboxing title bout holds immense significance for the sport as a whole, showcasing the growing popularity and recognition kickboxing has gained. The world will be watching as these exceptional fighters demonstrate their skill, athleticism, and sheer entertainment value.

Join us in this unforgettable showdown by tuning into the live stream at Brace yourselves for an awe-inspiring display of the incredible world of kickboxing!

Muay Thai News

Exciting Fights Coming to Freedom 14 on July 8th!

On July 8th, FightClubLiveTV ( will be live at Freedom 14, a thrilling event that promises to deliver top-notch Muay Thai action. With several title fights on the line, fans around the world are eagerly awaiting this spectacular event, which will take place at the Jean Shephard Community Center in Hammond, Indiana. Let’s take a closer look at the highly anticipated matchups!

Huge Heavyweight World Title Fight: Matt Baker vs. Paul Martin

Freedom 14 presents an epic clash between two heavyweight warriors, as Matt Baker from the USA, representing Woodenman Muay Thai, squares off against Canada’s Paul Martin, who fights for Savage Muay Thai. The coveted 91kg heavyweight Freedom World championship belt will be up for grabs in this showdown. Matt Baker, a renowned star from Glory Kickboxing, will look to claim victory against WBC champion Paul Martin. The stakes are high, and the winner will be crowned as the new Freedom World Champion. It’s USA versus Canada—let us know in the comments who you think will emerge victorious!

Veteran vs. Rising Star: Teddy Mandala vs. Melinda Smith-Pritt

Freedom Fighter Promotions brings us an exciting female title fight that is sure to captivate audiences across America. Teddy Mandala, representing Kraivoukrating Team Toro Muay Thai in Chicago, will face off against Melinda Smith-Pritt, a rising star from Nomad BJJ Academy in Maryland. Teddy Mandala, a dominant force in the youth division, is now making her mark as an adult fighter. Despite having difficulty finding experienced opponents, Melinda Smith-Pritt, the newly crowned Gut Check Championship Series champion, bravely accepted the challenge. With the 48kg light flyweight Freedom USA Championship title on the line, will Teddy continue her reign or will Melinda make a name for herself as the queen of the division? Share your predictions in the comments!

Title Defenses and Exciting Matchups!

Freedom 14 is packed with thrilling matchups and title defenses that will leave fans on the edge of their seats. Adam Reynolds, the 91kg heavyweight USA Freedom Champion, will defend his title against Darius Sheffield from Rising Tide Academy in Maryland. Reynolds, coming off a remarkable performance at the 2023 IFMA World Championships, aims to maintain his dominance. However, Sheffield, who requested this fight and is confident in his abilities, plans to upset the hometown crowd and seize the heavyweight title. Will Reynolds successfully defend his belt, or will Sheffield become the new USA Freedom Champion? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Koi Carney, the 70kg super welterweight USA Freedom Champion, will also defend his title against Rafael Ramos from The Farm Team in Chicago. Carney, representing Forza Combat Sports in Oklahoma, seeks to retain his championship status, while Ramos aims to dethrone the champion in front of his hometown crowd. Who will prevail? Let us know your predictions in the comments!

Freddy Hurtado, the 61kg lightweight USA Freedom Champion, will defend his belt against Robert Lee from Chicago Thai Boxing Academy. With both fighters hungry for victory, this matchup promises to be a treat for Midwest fans. Will Freddy Hurtado maintain his title, or will Robert Lee emerge as the new champion? Share your opinions in the comments!

Title Elimination Bout: Jeffery Freelon vs. Reis Newman

In a highly anticipated 76.5kg super middleweight title elimination bout, Jeffery Freelon from Scoop Athletics will face Reis Newman from Lord Reis Newman PAC. The winner of this bout will earn the opportunity to challenge the current super middleweight USA champion, Abu Khawaja, on August 5th in New York. With their impressive records and skills, both fighters deserve to be in this position, and fans can expect an intense battle. Share your thoughts on who will come out on top in the comments!

International Prestige Fight: Jalen Reyes vs. Bassel Almomani

In the 54kg bantamweight division, Jalen Reyes from Scrap Attacc CTBA will take on Bassel Almomani from Chicago Fight Team in a fight that carries international prestige. Ranked #2 in US Muay Thai, Reyes will look to solidify his position with a victory over Almomani, a talented Jordanian champion now based in the USA. The winner of this fight will move one step closer to a title shot. Who do you think will emerge victorious? Let us know in the comments!

Don’t Miss Out on Freedom 14!

Freedom 14 is shaping up to be an extraordinary muay thai event, featuring seven championships, with four Freedom Champions defending their titles. Additionally, the main event will showcase a clash between a GLORY star and a WBC champion, who will fight for the prestigious Freedom World Championship belt. Whether you’re attending the event live or watching the live stream on, mark your calendars and secure your tickets now!

It’s time to witness the electrifying battles, breathtaking knockouts, and unforgettable moments that only Muay Thai can deliver. Freedom 14 is set to be a night of intense competition, where fighters will leave everything in the ring in their pursuit of glory. Get ready for a display of skill, heart, and determination that will have fans talking for years to come!


Tickets are now on sale. You can order tickets from the fighters or by calling Freedom Fight Promotions at 551-339-3339.

Live Muay Thai Stream

You can watch it all, right here, Live on Fight Club Live TV July 8th!

Muay Thai News

Darius Sheffield to compete for the Heavyweight Freedom USA Muay Thai Championship

Darius Sheffield’s impressive performance at Gut Check caught the attention of many in the fighting world. His undefeated streak including the championship match against Scott Alder showcased his undeniable talent and potential. But it was his perseverance and determination that led him to victory in a grueling and intense match against Alder.
Now, Sheffield is ready to take on a new challenge in the heavyweight Freedom USA Muay Thai Championship. By moving up in weight class to face current champion Adam Reynolds, Sheffield is proving that he is not afraid to step out of his comfort zone and take on tough opponents.
Preparing for a heavyweight fight requires a different approach than his previous fights. Sheffield will need to focus on building strength and power while maintaining his agility and quickness. He will also need to adjust his fighting style to accommodate the weight difference and the physicality of the heavyweight division.
Despite the challenges ahead, Sheffield is confident in his abilities and is determined to add another championship title to his name. The fight between Sheffield and Reynolds is sure to be an exhilarating display of skill and athleticism that fans won’t want to miss.

Muay Thai News

Muay Thai Freedom Light Flyweight USA Championship to happen at Freedom 14!

Melinda Smith-Pritt, a rising star who recently won the Gut Check Championship, will be challenging Muay Thai veteran Teddy Mandala for the Freedom Muay Thai Championship on Saturday, July 8th in Hammond, Indiana.
Melinda Smith-Pritt’s meteoric rise to fame in the Muay Thai world has been nothing short of impressive. Her recent win of the Gut Check Championship has solidified her status as a top contender in the sport. Now, she has set her sights on the Freedom Muay Thai Championship and is set to face off against Teddy Mandala, a seasoned veteran in the sport.
The upcoming match on July 8th in Hammond, Indiana, promises to be an intense battle. Fans of the sport are eagerly anticipating the showdown between these two skilled fighters. Many believe that this match will be a true test of Melinda’s abilities and could potentially launch her into superstardom.
One thing is for certain, this Freedom Muay Thai Championship match is not one to be missed. Will Melinda’s athleticism and agility prove to be too much for Teddy’s veteran prowess? Or will Teddy’s experience and skill in the ring give her the upper hand? Only time will tell.

Live Muay Thai Stream

Freedom 14 in all it’s Muay Thai glory, will be available for live stream Saturday June 8th only on Fight Club Live TV Fight Club Live TV