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Freedom 18 | Saturday November 11, 2023

Its that time again! Freedom Fighter Promotions is back yet again with another stacked card. This weekend we’ll see some of the greatest up and coming athletes this sport has to offer.

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What’s in store for Freedom 18?

Freedom Fighter Promotions is known for bringing some of the best Muay Thai fighting action with its stacked cards and truly the best action you’ll see.

Freedom 18 is no exception. We have a card stacked with 19 fights including a handful of National Title fights and even a World Title!

Kicking things off we’ll witness a debut between Ocaris Duran, representing Sitan Gym and Bruce Owen, representing Philadelphia Striking Academy.

Both fighters will be debuting in a 149.9 lb matchup. Debut fights are always some interesting matchups to watch as you know you could just be watching some future title holders.

Moving on Zachary Tirado will try and add a win to his current 2 losses against Jose Sanchez, with his 1 Win, in a 130 lb matchup. These fighters represent Legion Muay Thai & Kao Muay Thai Respectivly.

Richard Lopez of Matador Muay Thai will try to add another win to his 2-3 record against Jeff Kim’s 1-1 of Cornerstone Thai Boxing in a 127.8 lb matchup.

Chinigiz Kobildjonov 5-1, of Team Zarif will battle against Isaiah Bahsous 4-4, of The Club MAFA in a 55.12 lb matchup.

Lani Lim 0-3, of MK Muay Thai will try to add a win against Niteka Raina 3-1, of Cornerstone Thai Boxing.

Krishnan Jones 1-0, of Zombie Muay Thai Vs Jason Borja, 2-2, of Matador Muay Thai.

Robert Scopelliti 3-0, of Legion Muay Thai will try and retain his winning streak against Dan Kwon, 7-3, of Philadelhpia Striking Academy.

Jonah Martindale, 4-0, of Sitan Gym, will attempt to keep his winning streak as well, against Matthew Shivecheran, 7-3, of Raktan Muay Thai.

Llya Stotland 3-1, of MK Muay Thai, will battle Ruckua Muay Thai’s Bryan Paul, with an unstoppable 5-0 streak.

Josefina Karmirchuk, 3-2 of Sitan Gym will battle Meizi Li 3-2, of Final Round.

Two Muay Thai Fighters stand side by side. scheduled to bout at Freedom 18 on November 11th, 2023 in New York, NY. Live Stream

Another winning streak will make for an interesting matchup as Serge Ushkevich 4-0, of Zombie Muay Thai, battles Jeff Wilton 7-3, Of Forza Muay Thai in a 130lb matchup.

Jason Melendez 5-1, of Kings Combat Williamsburg, looks to keep his recording going strong against Edens Charles 6-1, of Animals MMA.

Teddy Drelles, 5-5, of Sitan Gym, will battle Shannon Murphey, 3-6, of Kao Muay Thai in a 119lb matchup.

Cassidy Ribeiro, 7-1-1, of Hard Knocks Muay Thai will battle Dina Zahreddine, 6-3, of The Club MAFA.

Steven LoBiondo, 11-6, of North Jersey Muay Thai, will take on Dorendra Persaud, 7-3, of Juniper Muay Thai Gym.

Freedom 18 Title Fighters

Two Muay Thai Fighters stand side by side. scheduled to bout at Freedom 18 on November 11th, 2023 in New York, NY. Live Stream

59kg Super Feathweight Freedom USA Title

Orlando Ortego 7-3, of One Shot MMA will battle Sampson Tabbytite, 7-3, of Forza Muay Thai, in the 59kg Super Featherweight Freedom USA Title Event.

86kg Cruiserweight Freedom USA Title

Cody Quarles, 7-3, of Maximus Muay Thai will battle Audley Gions, with an impressive 13-4 record, representing Pin Point Muay Thai, in the 86kg Cruiserweight Freedom USA Title.

81kg Light Heavyweight Freedom USA Title

Thomas Sawicki, holding an impressive record of 6 wins, 0 losses, represeting Kings Combat NJ, will take on Adel Lolic, 8-4-1, of Underground MMA in the 81kg Light Heavyweight Freedom USA Title.

Freedom 18 World Title Fights

Two Muay Thai Fighters stand side by side. scheduled to bout at Freedom 18 on November 11th, 2023 in New York, NY. Live Stream

63.5kg Super Lightweight Freedom World Title

Ahmad Alatmah with a stunning record of 20 wins and only 2 losses, representing Rami Elite, will take on Oshay Robertson 14-5, representing, Ruckus Muay Thai in the 63.5 kg Super Lightweight Freedom World Title. This match is sure to be one you won’t want to miss.