Muay Thai Live Stream: Freedom 21: New York’s Premier Muay Thai Event on April 13


Get ready for an electrifying night of Muay Thai action as Freedom 21 lights up New York City on April 13! Hosted at the iconic LaGuardia Performing Arts Center, this event promises to be one of the most significant fight cards in the history of American Muay Thai.

Freedom 21 is not just a fight night; it’s a showcase of the sport’s brightest stars and future champions. From the intense rivalry of New York vs. Virginia to the international prestige bouts, every match is set to deliver unparalleled excitement and skill.

Highlighted Matchups Include:

Catchweight Showdown (53.5kg): Renzo Palomino takes on Leo Santos in a battle that will test the limits of agility and strategy.
Super Lightweight Freedom USA Championship (63.5kg): Jon Fox faces Kris Anders, with the championship belt on the line. Who will reign supreme in this clash of titans?
Youth Jr Flyweight Freedom USA Championship (27kg): Witness the future of Muay Thai as Chingiz Kobildjonov and Ezekiel Andrew Ponce vie for the junior title. These young warriors return with impressive victories, ready to prove who is the best in their division.
Women’s Lightweight Division (61kg): Mayah Pedigo and Cristina Sanders debut at Freedom, each aiming to claim their first win in the promotion. This match is a testament to the growing diversity and talent in the sport.
International Flyweight Bout (52kg): Sarah Leone from the USA goes head-to-head with Canada’s Grace Richard. This fight is a critical step for both fighters looking to ascend in the international scene.
67kg World Title Elimination Bout: Luis Morales and John Pina compete for a chance at the welterweight Freedom World Championship, in a battle that’s sure to have fans on the edge of their seats.
Super Lightweight World Title Defense (63.5kg): Champion Ethan Geffen defends his title against Brima Kamara, representing Sierra Leone. This world title defense showcases the global appeal and competitive spirit of Muay Thai.

Freedom 21 exemplifies the spirit of Muay Thai, combining the energy of professional fighters with the passion of the sport’s rising stars. Join us in New York for an unforgettable night of athleticism, skill, and the heart-pounding action of Muay Thai.

Why Watch Freedom 21?

Star-Powered Fights: Featuring both established champions and emerging talents.
Global Talent: Fighters from across the USA and around the world.
Youth Development: Supporting the next generation of Muay Thai stars.
Competitive Matchups: Carefully selected fights guarantee an evening of non-stop action.

Don’t miss out on witnessing Muay Thai history in the making. Secure your spot for Freedom 21 and experience the ultimate display of determination, skill, and spirit. See you at the LaGuardia Performing Arts Center on April 13!